Vibration Claim Analysis

Rimkus specializes in pre-construction condition surveys, as well as construction vibration monitoring through each phase of construction to help minimize contractor’s risk of property damage claims.

Our pre-construction surveys provide our clients with documentation of the pre-existing distress to buildings and structures near the construction site. With this documentation, our clients can significantly reduce the risk of exposures to property claims and legal disputes.

With the use of seismographic equipment, our team of engineers and scientists determine the severity of construction vibrations for various construction activities to provide valuable information for evaluating acceptable levels of vibration throughout construction.

Our team also works closely with our clients to determine alternative construction means and methods most suitable for reducing the effects of vibration on structures in close proximity to the construction site.

When property damage claims arise from property and business owners, Rimkus will evaluate the reported damage, analyze the vibration severity, and assess the contributing factors in order to define the origin and cause of the damage.

Regional Practice Leaders

Vice President, Construction Services

Mark A. Rhodes


Senior Construction Practice Leader

Gloria B. Koehlinger


Director, Contractor Default Practice

Murat Kilic


Director, Forensic Delay Analysis Practice