Natural Gas and Oil Processing


Rimkus engineers and consultants have considerable experience in the processing, storage and logistics of natural gas and oil after its extraction and production at the wellhead.  Their collective experience encompasses process design and engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, environmental, economics and safety.  Knowledge gained from their prior industry employment with engineering and energy companies has been augmented by their Rimkus experience gained in analyzing accidents, incidents, failures and claims -- and sometimes providing testimony in liquidated cases.

Rimkus staff members have analyzed numerous concerning petroleum refinery property damage and business losses ranging from fires and explosions to mechanical issues, material failures, spills and releases, and safety problems.  Refinery operations can be dangerous, and many accidents result in significant injury or death.  It is important to assess the causes of those accidents, the extent of physical damages and economic damages to workers and facilities.  Rimkus understands the complex and sophisticated equipment such as reformers, cracking units and heavy oil processing.  Our staff posses significant knowledge of refinery economics, optimization models and instrumentation and control systems in these plants.