Renewable Energy


Contemporary power generation methods extend far beyond traditional boilers and steam
turbine technology to include wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and other energy
sources. Understanding problems and failures in this industry calls for an experienced
company with knowledgeable experts.

Having analyzed numerous losses involving wind turbines, Rimkus has the expertise
necessary to handle your toughest problems. Analysis and evaluation on blade failures,
foundation issues, turbine overspeed to gearbox and bearing failures and fires, Rimkus has
been at the forefront of wind turbine losses.

Rimkus has regularly been involved in several issues related to losses for solar energy from
design to equipment failures. Rimkus can determine what happened, how it happened and
the best repair method for both photovoltaic and thermal facilities.

From dam failures, soil failures, storm damaged generators and transmission lines, and
failures of turbine and electrical equipment, Rimkus has been involved in investigating
some of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the world. Significant industry experience
becomes invaluable in developing solutions when analyzing issues at similar facilities.
Rimkus experts arrive on site with the expertise necessary to address complex matters and
provide answers to the dicult questions that inevitably appear in these situations.

Rimkus engineers have assisted clients in numerous ethanol plant disputes between owners
and contractors on new construction projects with performance issues. Our consultant teams
have analyzed first of a kind biodiesel plants, fires at conventional biodiesel facilities, and
equipment failures at waste to energy facilities.