Power Generation Plants


Today's modern power generation plants are more sophisticated than ever.  When something goes wrong at one of these plants, it is critical to be able to rely on a company with the experience to determine what went wrong and why, who can develop damage mitigation plans, and who can determine what is needed to repair the facility as quickly as possible.  Rimkus offers the capabilities and experience in all aspects of power generation plants and can deliver answers and solutions to assist in bringing the facility back on line quickly and cost effectively.

The breakdown of any one part can bring the entire operation to a halt until the problem is identified, a solution found, and repairs or changes made.  The problem may arise from any number of sources.  Rimkus engineers are frequently retained to determine why a particular piece of equipment is not meeting the manufacturer's performance specification or why a process system is not producing the anticipated product output.  On-site testing is commonly performed, with the results compared to specifications.

Damages incurred in industrial facilities bring a host of items to the table for evaluation:  property damage, repair-or-replace decisions, repair cost analyses, mitigation efforts, third-party liability issues, and possible subrogation opportunities.  We routinely address all of these components, including estimating the cost of repair and time element of the loss.