Oil and Gas Drilling Operations


Drilling operations present challenges unique to the oil and gas industry.  From drilling rig accidents to blowouts and fires, the oil patch is no place for the faint of heart. Rimkus engineers have direct hands-on experience in all aspects of drilling.  We are experienced in onshore and offshore drilling as well as high pressure hydraulic fracturing.

The complex task of uncovering the origin and cause of a blowout or a rig fire can be performed only by highly experienced professionals.  With petroleum engineers, mechanical engineers and fire investigators, Rimkus has traced the origin and cause of fires and explosions for thousands of incidents.

Rimkus experts have investigated oilfield accidents throughout the 35-plus years of our history.  With petroleum engineers, certified safety professionals and industrial hygienists, Rimkus experts understand the operations and safety requirements that take place in the oilfield.