Oil and Gas Transportation


The transportation of oil and gas is a critical step in connecting production to the market.  From pipelines to rail cars and trucking, Rimkus experts provide unique capabilities in assessing problems that might occur as well as the economic impact of those problems.

Drilling, producing and selling the oil and gas production are only part of the equation.  Pipeline systems are an equally important part.  Incidents regularly occur that result in lost volume, injuries to personnel, equipment problems, delays in the business process, and damage to the environment.  Rimkus experts know about pipelines both onshore and offshore and can assist in evaluating an aging pipeline network as well as help guide you to the resumption of normal operations.

Vast quantities of hydrocarbons are stored along the petroleum supply chain, both above and below ground.  When incidents occur at these facilities, the consequences can be severe.  The frequent  connect and disconnect operations required in loading and unloading hydrocarbons have a high probability of loss if not properly performed.  Complex piping systems at the sites also increase the chances for mistakes.  Rimkus has expertise in dealing with unforeseen terminal and storage incidents.