Forensic Environmental Consulting


Determining how and when environmental pollution occurred requires the multi-discipline forensic capabilities found at Rimkus.  By researching historical structures and land usage we gain the clues to who precipitated a pollution event and when.

A traditional assignment involves analyzing how a business operated to create a product, how the operator generated waste, how the waste was managed, why waste constituents migrated into the environment, when the migration began, and when it was discovered.  Starting with information that is currently available, we work backward chronologically to create timelines and narratives. To assist in the process, we glean facts from depositions, 10K filings, corporate websites, regulatory files, newspaper archives, literature searches and review of technical reports issues by environmental remediation contractors.

Our professionals have education and work credentials across a broad range of disciplines in the environmental arena. Our team includes environmental engineers, process engineers, petroleum engineers, metallurgists, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers, structural engineers, certified industrial hygienists, chemists, and specialists in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Whether contamination was caused by a plant explosion, vehicle accident, historic waste management practices, tank leak, pipeline release or any other polluting incident, we have the in-house skills to assist you in your decision-making process.