Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology


From Asbestos to Zinc, excess exposure to any substance can lead to illness or even death.

Products such as asbestos and chemicals like dioxins, pesticides and xylene aren't the only health hazards. Radiation, noise, heat, "flesh-eating" bacteria, mold and hundreds of other hazards can all be equally dangerous or deadly.

At Rimkus, we offer a broad range of services to reduce risk:

Our Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) assist in developing prevention programs to protect workers from all industries as well as their neighbors.

Our experts provide litigation support on a wide range of topics, including asbestos, bacterial pathogens (including Legionella and the impact of ASTM D5952-08 on the hospitality industry), benzene, carbon monoxide, environmental tobacco smoke, heavy metals and welding fumes (cadmium, lead, manganese, etc.), mold, excess noise, sulfur dioxide and more.