Construction Site Accidents


A construction site is full of dangers, even for those with extensive experience. Minor injuries are an every day occurrence, and major or even fatal injuries can happen. We investigate to get to the exact cause of the incident or accident.

At construction sites, workers are subject to falls, crushing injuries, electrocution and even drowning. Heavy equipment of all kinds is used at these sites including earthmovers, bulldozers, backhoes, cranes and forklifts. 

Smaller equipment can also be dangerous including welders, riveters, pneumatic nailers and a host of other small personal tools. Even construction elevators take their toll. 

Our construction experts have years of experience on construction sites all over the U.S. and in 70 foreign countries and are well aware of the dangers on a construction site. We examine the site, the equipment in use and whether the safety procedures in place were followed to determine how the accident happened. Then we quickly advise as to the causation so steps can be taken to prevent a recurrence. 

Our Biomechanical experts examine the injuries that are reported and determine whether the evidence supports the accident as described. Our mechanical engineers and construction experts investigate failed equipment, toppled cranes and similar problems to determine the cause and possibly suggest subrogation opportunities. Electrical engineers inspect equipment for damage and assess whether repair or replacement is needed. 

Our Animation and Trial Graphics group produces demonstrative evidence in the form of graphics, videos and animated recreations to support courtroom testimony. And our certified industrial hygienists and toxicologists investigate problems with toxic fumes from welding, the dangers of working in enclosed spaces and similar problems.


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