Biomechanical Analysis


In today’s world accidents can happen anywhere. With the human body interacting in a wide range of environments with machines and objects as diverse as motor vehicles, exercise equipment, staircases, amusement park rides and industrial equipment, it is often necessary to determine the forces and motions present and how and why injury occurs. 

Our biomechanical engineers can help determine the cause of the injuries claimed or determine if there are inconsistencies between the accident scenario and the injuries being claimed.

Our experts also investigate the function of vehicle occupant protection systems, such as seat belts, airbags, pretensioners and child safety seats, to understand their role in mitigating injuries in accidents. We can help identify whether these systems were being used appropriately, and if the lack of appropriate use could have contributed to the injuries sustained by the occupants of the vehicle.

We can investigate ergonomics relating to the human body and its interface with its surroundings to help determine the cause of avoidable accidents and incidents.  At Rimkus, our biomechanical experts can evaluate human dimensions and motion in terms of how they may have affected the circumstances of an accident including whether devices were sized appropriately for their intended users and if a person’s motions and size would have been consistent with the event as described.


Senior Consultant and Digital Intelligence Coordinator

Steven M. Tuskan


Xin Ye


Senior Consultant