Clinical Engineering

Clinical engineering includes not only the various kinds of equipment used but also the processes followed or not followed by clinical staff.  Rimkus can even evaluate the environment and its effects on both patients and equipment.

A wide-angle perspective on clinical operations often uncovers problems associated with equipment, operations, training, safety and other aspects of medical facility operations. Our engineers review facilities’ standard operating procedures to determine:

  • Whether the proper procedures are being followed
  • Whether training of personnel in the use of medical equipment and devices is adequate and is being obtained by all who need it
  • If the facility design, including all aspects of the mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and electrical infrastructure are adequate
  • Whether medical devices designed to be used in combination are in fact compatible and can be operated safely in tandem
  • If the building envelope and all internal structures provide the clean, sterile environment required for operating rooms, clean rooms and other areas of the facility

Regional Practice Leaders

Richard V. Baratta

Ph.D., P.E., ACTAR

Senior Vice President