Product Injury Biomechanics

When injury accidents occur and personal protective equipment is required or suggested, our team can examine the use of equipment such as hardhats, googles, helmets, and padding in the materials in order to determine if the injuries could have been mitigated or prevented. We can determine whether the equipment performed according to applicable industry standards. Our investigators can evaluate if the appropriate protective equipment was available and used appropriately.  We also assess if the use or lack of use of the equipment would have mitigated or contributed to the reported injuries. 

In situations where helmets for motorcycles, sports, and recreation are required or suggested, our experts thoroughly examines each incident to determine if the helmet performed according to applicable standards or if the use or lack of use could have mitigated the injuries sustained. 

Traumatic brain injuries contribute to about 30% of all injury deaths in the United States. Through the use of biomechanics to model traumatic brain injury events and supporting data, Rimkus experts can assess the risk of traumatic brain injuries. Our investigators can determine if the diagnosed injuries were consistent with the mechanics of the event and if the injuries were more likely caused by acceleration or by impact. 

Regional Practice Leaders

Ming Xiao

Ph.D., P.E.

Principal Consultant