Security Evaluations

Event Prevention

Few things are more important than safeguarding the public and employees on a property. Rimkus’ consultants have extensive experience on evaluating property site conditions. From parking management systems, fencing, landscaping, lighting, CCTV design, and entryway design to patron access control, our experts can identify opportunities for improvement that can only be derived from decades of security experience.

Post Event Consulting

Society is changing and we at Rimkus recognize that no property, no matter how secure, is immune from criminal assault events. A security event is rare, but Rimkus experts can access the foreseeability of the event and also determine if the response was commensurate with the industry’s best practices. Our experts can perform a demographic analysis of criminal activity in the vicinity of your property and evaluate employee and consumer responses to criminal activity that occurred.

Litigation Support

In addition to security risk event prevention assessments and post event consulting, Rimkus can provide litigation support. Security risk litigation support can include case consulting in the event of negligent or inadequate security allegations, expert opinion development and expert testimony. Our areas of expertise include foreseeability of crime, security staffing, background screening, training, policy and procedures, emergency response, and use of force. If you do have an event, Rimkus can assist in reconstructing the event to determine what happened.