Catastrophe Services


Catastrophes come in many forms: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods and even hail storms. In their wake, they leave a path of destruction ranging from minor damage to total devastation. Surviving the event does not mean that a structure is safe for use. When disaster strikes, you need experts who can mobilize and be on the scene within a matter of hours. 

At Rimkus, our catastrophe teams are comprised of civil, structural, architectural and mechanical engineers who are ready to provide the crucial and timely analyses that are vital in the assessment of damage.

Our National Catastrophe Center is your single point of contact for assessing the causes of property losses.

  • CAT Hotline: (866) 408-4228
  • CAT Fax: (877) 228-2223
  • CAT Email: 

Structural Damage Assessments

We assess building damage as well as making determinations as to what caused the damage.  We are also available to determine feasibility, scope and the estimated cost of repairs as well as monitor construction progress. 

Following a catastrophic event, commercial structures and their systems come under scrutiny to determine if they are safe to use and what interim or permanent repairs are necessary.  At the same time, commercial and industrial facilities also suffer damage to their production equipment. Prior to restarting operations, equipment must be checked for damage, appropriate repairs need to be determined and made, and the equipment placed back in service according to approved start-up procedures. Our mechanical and electrical engineers oversee this process to assure a smooth transition into operation.

Often, with catastrophic events comes water. Left unaddressed, water in extended contact with surfaces not designed for it results in fungal and bacterial growth.  Our certified industrial hygienists have extensive experience in assessing mold problems, developing remediation plans and conducting subsequent clearance testing.

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