Geotechnical Engineering Services


Rimkus provides geotechnical engineering inspections for residential and commercial properties and industrial facilities. Our experts determine the cause of failure and, where appropriate, recommend remedial steps to correct those problems. Among the wide range of geotechnical services we offer are the following:

  • Sinkholes, Soil Subsidence and Resulting Damage
  • Foundation Stabilization and Pier Evaluations
  • Dam failures
  • Pier and pile evaluations
  • Construction vibration evaluations
  • Earthquake damage evaluations
  • Landslide and slope failure evaluations
  • Mining issues and incidents

Sinkholes and Resulting Damage

Some regions of the country experience sinkhole damage when subterranean erosion results in a subsidence of soils, with results ranging from limited earth settlement to collapse due to a sinkhole formation. Damage to structures ranges from foundations deformation to structural failures. We evaluate soils using tools such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity tomography.

Soil Improvement and Foundation Stabilization Design

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. personnel have prepared soil and foundation stabilization design for thousands of properties. Soil stabilization has included limited mobility displacement grouting, slurry grouting, and chemical grouting plans. Foundation stabilization plans have included push piles, helical underpinnings, mono-posts, adjustable piers, and predrilled piles.

Dam Failures

Failures of dams in recent times have resulted in extensive flooding, affecting both agricultural and residential properties. Rimkus has been asked to determine the causes of these failures as well as repair options and to assist in the inspection of other facilities to help avoid problems of a similar nature.

Mining Issues and Incidents

We have inspected and evaluated losses relating to mining problems of all kinds, including equipment failures; design, construction and safety issues; groundwater, storm water and dewatering problems; and estimation of ore resources. We have also investigated slope failures occurring in open-pit mines, water intrusion from wells and springs, and erosion.

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