Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures


Rimkus engineers and architects have investigated and advised clients on every manner of problem in structures ranging from single-story houses to high-rise apartment buildings, resort hotels and casinos, and all manner of commercial, manufacturing and industrial facilities. From top to bottom and side to side, we examine roofing materials and roof structures, load-bearing and partition walls and floor structures, interior finish materials and fittings, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, and exterior finishes. 

To assist in these inspections, we have recently added a fleet of drones to help us access areas that are otherwise inaccessible or difficult or dangerous to reach. We have over 35 years experience in evaluating property damage of all kinds. We address these issues from all of our offices, so response is cost effective, quick and performed by personnel with experience and knowledge regarding national, state and local building code requirements.

Our team of forensic architects, engineers, building consultants, cost estimators, construction managers, industrial hygienists, and other experts specialize in evaluating property damages.  From causation to recovery, Rimkus can isolate the affected areas, develop remediation plans, and provide cost-to-repair estimates consistent with the scope of damages.

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