Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing

The energy industry is a diverse complex of entities that discover, produce, transport, process, refine and manufacture many products we depend on in our everyday lives. Our expert energy consulting staff helps simplify that complex energy and oil and gas industry to improve your business.


Consider our breadth of experience:


  • Oil and Gas. From wellhead to burner tip, Rimkus experts have the experience and know-how to address virtually any problem.
  • Oilfield Drilling from Onshore to Offshore. Drilling problems can occur on a daily basis. We have the expertise to investigate these problems
  • Pipelines. We assist in evaluating losses that occur as well as help guide you to the resumption of normal operations.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical processing is a dangerous business where incidents and accidents must be investigated to prevent their recurrence.
  • Energy and Power Sectors. Understanding problems and failures in this industry calls for an experienced investigator with unique knowledge of the power industry.
  • Specialized Industry Services. From engineering design and equipment selection to cost estimating and resolution of contractual disputes, we have the experience to resolve the issue.




Modern manufacturing operations operate much like the integrated parts of a machine.


The breakdown of any one part can bring the entire operation to a halt until the problem is identified, a solution found, and repairs or changes made. The problems may arise from a number of sources.

National Practice Leader

James F. Lane, P.E.

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