Biomechanical Assessments

Injury Consistency Analysis

Rimkus can assist in determining the causes of bodily injury using advancements in biomechanics research. Staffed with biomechanists and biomedical engineers, our specialists can determine if the forces experienced in an event are consistent with the reported injuries, and can explain the mechanisms that caused specific injuries. From low-speed collisions to fraud, we perform analyses to help our clients understand the facts about reported injuries.

Seatbelt Analysis

The biomechanists and accident reconstructionists at Rimkus can help determine whether or not the occupants of a vehicle were using their seatbelts. Furthermore, they can opine on the type and extent of injuries expected if the occupants had used seatbelts.

Vehicle Occupant Identification and Location

There are frequently no witnesses to the event when fatal vehicle accidents occur. Often there are disputes over who was driving. Through the use of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and human kinematics, our experts can identify the driver of the vehicle and the positions of the occupants.

  • Biomechanical consulting expertise:
  • Injury consistency analyses
  • Child restraint injury assessments
  • Brain injury evaluations
  • Repetitive motion injury analyses
  • Pedestrian accident injury evaluations
  • Soft tissue injuries fracture analyses
  • Blunt force traumas assessments
  • Driver determinations
  • Occupant identifications
  • Seatbelt analyses
  • Rollover analyses
  • Accident survivability analyses

Regional Practice Leaders

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Transportation Practice Leader

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