Computer Animation and Video Production

Our team of multi-media professionals works with our experts to produce clear and reliable demonstrative evidence for settlement negotiations, summary judgment hearings, expert witness testimony, and trial. Our demonstrative exhibits are designed with convincing clarity to help jurors comprehend the most complex issues.

Rimkus’ multi-media professionals work directly with our clients throughout each step of production. From the initial consultation to the final presentation, each phase of production is verified by an expert to meet admissibility requirements of the courts.

Rimkus has forensic video enhancement capabilities that utilize state of the art video enhancement software. All types of media are enhanced including surveillance footage, cell phone and digital camera videos, and internet videos, in both analog and digital formats.

Rimkus offers a wide array of visual communication services to enhance demonstrative exhibits. From computer-generated animations to full-length video productions, our staff designs compelling exhibits to accurately illustrate the facts.

Regional Practice Leaders

S. Dale Fridley


Transportation Division Manager, Western Region

Louis V. Inendino


Transportation Division Manager, Great Lakes Region

Jason D. Jupe


Transportation Division Manager, Gulf Coast Region

Transportation Division Manager, West Region