Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

The engineers, reconstruction specialists, and scientists of the Rimkus team offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of accident reconstruction analysis to accurately assess crucial evidence and recreate complex accidents.

On-Site Accident Investigations

An immediate response to the accident scene is vital to vehicle accident reconstruction. We document the site conditions, examine vehicle damage characteristics, inspect mechanical and electrical systems, and gather hard evidence. Our staff analyzes the specifics such as speed and direction of the vehicles, skid-mark lengths, line-of-sight, road conditions, and other pertinent data to develop the facts of the case.

Reconstruction Methods and Evaluation

Utilizing scientifically based methodologies, our staff can assess a vehicle’s response to steering and braking, the effect of roadway conditions on motion, or the manner in which trailer dynamics contribute to a collision or loss of control.

Vehicle accident reconstruction experience:

  • Single and multi-vehicle accidents
  • Commercial vehicle collisions
  • High-speed fatality collisions
  • Pedestrian-vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle and bicycle collisions
  • Phantom vehicle accidents
  • Vehicle rollover accidents
  • Nighttime pedestrian accidents

Regional Practice Leaders

Louis V. Inendino


Transportation Practice Leader

Transportation Practice Leader

Mark H. Nelson


Michael J. Urban


Transportation Practice Leader