CLE Home Study credit available until 12/31/2022

Adverse Effects of Improperly Designed, Constructed, and Maintained Stormwater Systems by Andrew T. Stanton, P.E.

52 minute


Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. invites you to join Andrew T. Stanton, P.E., District Manager, for a free, one-hour continuing education webinar, “Adverse Effects of Improperly Designed, Constructed, and Maintained Stormwater Systems.” This on-demand webinar will be available until

. December 31, 2022

Course Description: is a one-hour seminar designed to provide participants with a working knowledge of the damages that can be caused by improper design, construction and/or maintenance of stormwater systems. The presentation discusses the factors that influence the design and construction of stormwater systems as well as how omissions or oversights can lead to failures. The course covers general maintenance of stormwater systems and uses examples of case studies to illustrate the potential results of improper design, construction, and maintenance of stormwater systems. Adverse Effects of Improperly Designed, Constructed, and Maintained Stormwater Systems

CLE Course Numbers: CO (813729), FL (2203258N), GA (58771)*, NC*, OR (89211), TX* *Our self-reporting CLE states GA, NC, and TX. Please email us at CE@rimkus.com if you require a certificate of completion.

For CLE credit, you must log in individually, respond to random poll questions during the webinar, and provide your bar number(s) while registering to ensure proof of participation. Participant’s log in/out time is automatically recorded by ON24; participation for a minimum of 50 minutes is required to be eligible for credit.

*This webinar is copyrighted by Rimkus for the private and confidential use of its employees and clients only. Any other use of this webinar, materials or any pictures, descriptions, or accounts of it without Rimkus’ expressed permission is prohibited.

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Andrew T. Stanton, P.E.

District Manager

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Andrew Stanton is a District Manager in the Rimkus Richmond office. Mr. Stanton’s background includes a focus on civil engineering and land development design. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 11 states and has experience in site design, stormwater design, utility design, construction documentation, project management, design-build coordination, construction safety, and construction materials testing. He has managed multiple residential and commercial engineering projects throughout the State of Maryland. His expertise and experience include structural assessments, determination of cause of failure for retaining walls, water intrusion assessments, overland drainage assessments, utility strike evaluations, building envelope assessments, site development, cost estimating, construction drawings preparation and analysis, construction specifications preparation and analysis, and construction administration and support. Mr. Stanton earned a Master of Science degree in business analytics from the University of Virginia. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Clemson University.

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