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Commercial Cooking Fires by Joseph R. Filas, CFI, CFEI, CFI(V)

63 minute


Rimkus invites you to join Joseph R. Filas, IAAI-CFI(V), NAFI-CFEI, IAAI-CFI, Senior Fire Consultant, for a free, one-hour, on-demand webinar, “Commercial Cooking Fires.” This on-demand presentation will available until December 31, 2022. 

Course DescriptionParticipants will learn about different cooking appliances, hoods, exhaust ducts, and fire protection systems commonly installed in commercial structures. Common causes of commercial cooking fires, codes that regulate the inspection, testing, and maintenance will be addressed, as well as case reviews and discussion of responsible parties and potential litigation.

United States-based participants have the opportunity to earn CLE Home Study credit in the following states:

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CO (818616), FL (2207456N), GA (321084)*, NC*, OR (92903), TX*

*Our self-reporting CLE states GA, NC, and TX. Please email us at CE@rimkus.com if you require a certificate of completion.

For CLE credit, you must log in individually. Participant’s log in/out time is automatically recorded by ON24; participation for a minimum of 50 minutes is required to be eligible for credit.

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Senior Fire Consultant


Joseph Filas, a Senior Fire Consultant in the Rimkus Denver office, is a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI-V), Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), and Certified Fireplace Inspector (CFI). As a Senior Fire Consultant, Mr. Filas has been involved in more than 1,700 forensic fire, arson, and explosion investigations and has served as an expert in courts at both the state and federal levels. He has expertise in the evaluation of fires and explosions in several industries, including residential, commercial, automobiles, heavy equipment, and oil/gas. His consulting expertise includes the evaluation of commercial kitchen cooking equipment, fire suppression systems, exhaust ducts and fans, and code-required inspections and cleaning services. He has expansive knowledge of fireplace and chimney construction and associated building codes, manufacturer-required installation procedures/instructions related to factory built-fireplaces and heating appliances, and code-required inspections of existing fireplaces and chimneys. He is a licensed private detective in Arizona and a licensed private investigator in Montana, Nevada, Texas, and Washington. Mr. Filas earned a bachelor’s degree in fire and safety technology with an emphasis in fire, arson, and explosion investigations from Eastern Kentucky University.

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