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CPTED – Using Structures, Spaces, Lighting, and People to Prevent Crime by Daniel Y. Loo, CPP and Louie (Ray) Wood, CPP

62 minute


Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. invites you to join Daniel Y. Loo, CPP, Principal Consultant – Safety and Security, and Louie “Ray” Wood, CPP, Special Consultant, for a free, one-hour,  on-demand webinar, “CPTED – Using Structures, Spaces, Lighting, and People to Prevent Crime.” This on-demand webinar will be available until

. December 31, 2022

Course Description: CPTED – Using Structures, Spaces, Lighting, and People to Prevent Crime nciples of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED is a foundational concept to physical security and can be incorporated widely in security policies plans and procedures. It has proven effective in building and campus design security architecture and creating an overall security culture in any workplace. Participants in this course learn practical tips for understanding and managing their security program, including access control, target hardening, command and control, physical security protections and visitor management. The course also covers proper building lighting design (both interior and exterior), physical security barriers (such as the usage of fencing bollards), natural surveillance, landscaping, and landscape design. Such design concepts and security elements can be applied to address a wide variety of threats and crime prevention. is a one-hour course designed to help participants understand the pri

A key component of discussion is the CPTED security-risk survey, which identifies exposures within the enterprise’s built and natural environments and recommends enhancements that reduce risks to people, operations, and facilities. The survey is a component of the risk assessment process and focuses on identifying human behaviors, along with other potential exposures within specific areas. This presentation will review survey findings and help participants identify solutions that, if implemented, enhance the safety and security of various industries.

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Daniel Y. Loo, CPP

Principal Security Consultant

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Daniel Loo, Principal Consultant in the Rimkus Safety and Security Practice, has more than 15 years of experience involving military and private sector security and strategic functions. He is an ASIS International Certified Protection Professional with experience spanning the retail, restaurant, hotel, and hospitality industries. Mr. Loo understands security requirement analysis, conceptual design, construction documents, security contractor evaluations, field services, and coordination and project management of security projects. He is responsible for providing security evaluations and assessments (both physical and electronic security), security surveys, security master planning, security seminars, and expert legal testimony on security issues involving purported negligent security concerns and alleged criminal foreseeability. Mr. Loo earned an M.S. degree in security studies, intelligence, and analysis from Angelo State University. He also holds a B.A. in political science/international relations and national security studies from the University of Houston.

Louie (Ray) Wood, CPP

Special Consultant

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Ray Wood is a Special Consultant in the Rimkus Premises Liability Practice. He is a Certified Crime Prevention Practitioner in Florida with more than 40 years of experience in policing, crime prevention, and loss prevention management in the hospitality industry. His background includes public service as the Master Deputy Sheriff for the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Orlando, Florida, and related investigations of burglary, auto theft, robbery, homicide, and special operations, including intelligence, narcotics, and vice-related crimes. Mr. Wood offers substantial knowledge and valuable field experience involving security and safety planning for apartment and congregate living facilities, hotels, and resorts. His responsibilities include providing evaluations and assessments of physical and electronic security, as well as security-related consulting services related to surveys, master planning, seminars, and expert legal testimony. Mr. Wood holds M.S. degrees in public administration and human resource development from Webster University.

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