Boiler and Chiller Design Services

February 22, 2024

Boiler and Chiller Design Services

In the last couple of years, boilers and chillers have gone through significant improvements to increase their efficiency, helping reduce costs and save energy. Rimkus consultants have worked extensively with boiler and chiller systems, performing assessments, identifying deficiencies, and providing solutions to optimize your property’s energy efficiency and operational usability, as well as occupant comfort and well-being.

Supported by an experienced team of engineers, architects, and other technical specialists, our experts provide comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety consulting services for commercial, hospitality, multi-residential, institutional, and industrial applications.

Rimkus Boiler and Chiller Expertise:
  • Control Systems
  • Design and Installation
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Applications
  • Piping and Equipment Insulation
  • Pumping with Variable-frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Re-piping for Proper Flow and Efficiency
  • Selection and Size Review
  • Ventilation Assessments

Our years of experience allow us to apply a unique perspective to finding the most practical, cost-effective solutions for your project, providing designs that enhance performance and sustainability.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our boiler and chiller design services can transform your HVAC systems, elevate your building’s comfort, and improve efficiency.

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