Façade Ordinances

Ensure your building stays in compliance with your city’s requirements.

Façade Ordinances

Façade regulations are being put into effect in cities around the United States in an effort to protect public safety and make sure that aged infrastructure is properly maintained. Established ordinances in the cities of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Jersey City, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis require that existing structures be periodically inspected by professional engineers or architects with appropriate licenses.

The major goal of these façade ordinances is to persuade property owners and managers to take a proactive approach to façade maintenance in order to identify dangerous circumstances before they become problematic to and avoid material failure or unsafe conditions that could endanger the public.

Rimkus exterior restoration experts are adept at expediently recognizing unsafe conditions and work diligently to disclose and report those that pose threats to public safety. Learn more about our façade ordinance services below.

Rimkus Façade Ordinance Services

The Rimkus building envelope team offers years of experience performing inspections in compliance with each city’s specific façade ordinance requirements. The U.S. cities of Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Jersey City, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis all have unique ordinance requirements. Learn more below.


Read more on the following city ordinances at the respective government pages linked below.






Jersey City

New York City



St. Louis


Why It’s Important To Stay In Compliance

Regular façade inspections are essential for spotting common building envelope problems, like air, insect, or water infiltration points, or substantial deterioration brought on by aging and weathering (such as freeze/thaw cycles, strong winds, or seismic activity).

Many façade legislations have the goal of holding building owners and managers responsible for regular upkeep and public safety measures. Each city’s relevant building departments and personnel enforce the ordinances, which frequently specify deadlines for finishing urgent and/or extensive repairs. There may be serious infractions, charges, and penalties if the code’s standards are not followed.

Close physical examinations are necessary to spot deterioration or underlying problems (such as cracks, movement, or displacement) that could soon worsen and possibly pose a threat to civilian safety.

Why Partner With Rimkus

The experts comprising Rimkus’ professional team know exactly what to look for and be able to identify conditions such as superficial cracks and deterioration. We will ensure that these conditions will not be mislabeled, and more importantly, that unsafe conditions posing threats to public safety will not go unnoticed and unreported.

On each project, our goal is to alleviate the workload of our clients throughout the life of their project, allowing them to concentrate on other priorities. Rimkus’ partnership approach, focusing on proactive communication and fast turnaround times, combined with our budget management expertise and ability to leverage cutting-edge technology, gives our clients an exceptional experience they can’t find anywhere else.

Partnering with Rimkus allows clients access to our entire suite of services. When inspections uncover unsafe conditions or elements in need of repair, members of our global team collaborate to offer recommendations and guidance throughout the entire life of the project. By utilizing our comprehensive, in-house expertise, clients can expect more cost-effective and efficient building solutions.

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