Materials Testing and Investigation Services

The Rimkus Materials Testing and Investigation team specializes in material failure analysis, corrosion investigation, and weld engineering. We also offer a wide variety of professional materials testing, analysis, and consulting services.

By performing a comprehensive failure analysis, the root causes of material failures can be identified, metallurgical problems may be solved, and recommendations can be made to prevent future recurrence. Using advanced analytical equipment and techniques, our materials experts can interpret test results and provide clients with a detailed plan of action.

The professional staff also specialize in many other areas of materials engineering including, but not limited to, defect investigation, heat treatment processes, reverse engineering, coatings and platings, vendor qualification, and material selection.

Businesses and industries from around the world rely on the professional staff at Rimkus Materials Testing and Investigation to provide them with fast and accurate materials testing results. Some of these industries include Motorsports, Automotive Manufacturing, Plumbing (Water Systems), Marine, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Production, Power Generation and Utilities, Heat Exchangers, and Boilers.

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Rimkus also has a dedicated team of experienced consultants for materials matters involving insurance and litigation. Visit our Materials Science and Engineering page to learn more.

Technical Practice Director

James F. Lane, P.E.

Director, Materials Science Practice and Laboratory Services

(312) 639-9321

Operational Leadership

Allen R. Conway

Laboratory Operations Manager

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Our Materials Testing and Investigation Services

Our Materials Testing and Investigation Experts