Legal Nurse Consulting

Rimkus offers a team of Legal Nurse Consultants (LNC) to help clients understand the complexities of medical-related cases. Certified LNCs are nurses with extensive medical knowledge who can provide valuable insight and guidance to law firms, insurance companies, and large, self-insured companies through unbiased evaluation of medical documentation.

LNCs are experts at seeing the bigger picture within medical records and can identify the key facts of a matter, such as the who, what, and why. By carefully reviewing lengthy medical records, they can extract and combine relevant facts to piece together the puzzle hidden within a complicated case and recognize where information may be missing. Drawing from years of diverse clinical experience, they can interpret and organize electronic medical records, explain intricate medical issues in lay terms, convert unorganized medical records into indexed electronic searchable files, and even discern difficult-to-read handwriting.

As part of the Rimkus team, LNCs have access to our comprehensive team of professionals who offer complementary expertise related to premises liability, biomechanics, toxicology, accident reconstruction, and human factors. Combined with these resources, our LNCs serve as vital partners in case development, strategy, and resolution.

To bridge the gap between the medical, legal, and insurance industries, Rimkus can provide clear, concise guidance related to how medical issues affect case strategy and the merit of allegations. When attorneys need qualified personnel to help them navigate the medical environment, the services provided by our team of LNCs can help develop an informed litigation strategy and locate testifying experts as needed.

Technical Practice Director

Lisa M. Powers, BSN, RN, CNOR, CAISS, LNCC

Nurse Consultant

(678) 214-3474

Our Legal Nurse Consulting Services