We investigate incidents and construction disputes to explain what happened, where possible, and how to avoid the same issues in the future.

Accidents and incidents involving marine vessels and facilities occur on a regular basis. Whether from a natural catastrophe, such as a hurricane, or a collision between two vessels, we are here to help.

Our team of marine engineers, naval architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, and marine-certified fire investigators specialize in evaluating a wide array of maritime incidents and accidents including vessel sinkings, groundings, fires, equipment failures, injury accidents, and damage to piers and wharves. We investigate damage to the vessel and shoreside structures as well as crew and passenger injury claims.

Disputes between parties during the design and construction of marine vessels and facilities are a common occurrence. Rimkus naval architects and marine engineers have decades of experience with the construction of a vast array of marine vessel types from recreational vessels to yachts to ocean-going cruise ships. Our experts can evaluate the standard of care of marine design professionals and provide consulting services in new construction and ship repair disputes.

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