Built Environment Solutions in Quebec, Canada

July 3, 2024

Built Environment Solutions in Quebec, Canada


Learn More About Rimkus’ Quebec Team

With a profound understanding of the dynamics of the Quebec market, the Rimkus team of engineers, architects, and construction professionals in Montreal is well-positioned to assist clients throughout the province. Offering decades of combined experience spanning multiple industries, our local consultants have the significant expertise necessary to provide a wide range of building services to clients throughout the region.


Featured Services:

Façade and Garage Inspection in Conformity with Law 122

To ensure conformity with Law 122, we can conduct comprehensive inspections of building façades and garages. Our experienced professionals thoroughly assess the structural integrity, safety, and compliance of façades and garages, helping clients meet regulatory requirements and maintain a secure environment.

Structural Rehabilitation

Our structural rehabilitation services focus on restoring and strengthening the integrity of existing buildings, facilities, and their components. Our team of experts employs advanced techniques and materials to address issues such as deterioration, corrosion, or structural damage to preserve the longevity and safety of our clients’ properties.

Pavement Condition Assessments

Rimkus consultants conduct pavement condition assessments to evaluate the condition and performance of pavement systems, including roads, parking lots, and walkways. Through a combination of visual inspections, non-destructive testing, and advanced analysis, we can provide a detailed assessment of pavement conditions, identifying areas for repair or maintenance and helping clients optimize the lifespan of their pavement infrastructure.

Roof Thermography and Condition Assessments

We offer roof thermography and condition assessment services to help clients evaluate the condition and performance of roofing systems. By utilizing advanced thermographic technology, we can detect and identify potential issues such as leaks, moisture intrusion, or insulation deficiencies. Our comprehensive assessment enables proactive maintenance and helps clients avoid costly roof failures.

Building Condition Assessments

Our building condition assessment services provide a comprehensive evaluation of the overall condition and performance of buildings. Rimkus’ experienced professionals conduct detailed inspections, assessing structural elements, systems, and components, and identifying any deficiencies or maintenance needs. These assessments help clients make informed decisions about property acquisition, investment, or ongoing maintenance.

Quality Control and Project Management

To ensure that construction and renovation projects adhere to industry standards, specifications, and best practices, the Rimkus team can provide rigorous quality control inspections. We also offer project management services, such as monitoring of project progress and overseeing compliance, to help execute projects efficiently, on time, and within budget.


Building Codes and Regulations
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Meet Our Consultants:

The Rimkus Quebec team of skilled experts delivers high-quality services to clients across the province. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in their respective fields and possess thorough knowledge of local regulations and industry trends. We are committed to providing personalized solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ goals.


Mike Bahjat, Eng., M.Eng.

District Manager

Mike Bahjat is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, where he obtained a master’s degree in civil engineering. He has more than 10 years of experience in building sciences and geotechnical engineering, and possesses extensive knowledge of Canadian and American codes and standards (CAN/CSA and ACI/ASCE).

As District Manager, Mike Bahjat plays a crucial role in managing Rimkus’ operations in the Quebec region, with a particular focus on the Montreal office. His strategic leadership has provided strong guidance in restructuring and coordinating daily activities, ensuring optimal team performance.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Concordia University in Montreal and a master’s degree in structural engineering. With more than 10 years of expertise in building sciences and geotechnical engineering, he specializes in building restoration and rehabilitation, demonstrating extensive knowledge and practical experience in evaluating existing structures. Throughout his career, Mr. Bahjat has successfully led numerous major building envelope restoration projects. His experience also includes managing comprehensive assessments of multi-level parking structures, leading to effective structural rehabilitation solutions. His technical expertise, dedication to fieldwork, and commitment to structural safety and sustainability have earned him a reputation as a trusted expert in the industry.

Under his leadership, the Montreal office benefits from attentive supervision, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Mr. Bahjat emphasizes the implementation of efficient processes and high standards, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services while maintaining a culture of excellence. His ability to lead and motivate teams enables him to navigate complex projects successfully. By working closely with professionals from various fields, he ensures seamless integration of skills and expertise, thus promoting optimal outcomes for Rimkus’ clients.

Mike Bahjat offers high-quality customer service in both French and English and is a registered professional engineer with several engineering orders, including those in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Nahla Aboumansour

Project Coordinator

Nahla Aboumansour is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, where she received her degree in building engineering. Her studies focused primarily on building envelopes, HVAC system design, building components, and earthwork.

Ms. Aboumansour has acquired two years of technical experience related to highway construction and the testing and inspection of soil, asphalt, and concrete.

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Mustapha Bayakli

Architectural Technologist

Mustapha Bayakli is a graduate of Collège Herzing in Montreal, where he obtained his diploma in sustainable architectural technology. Mr. Bayakli has also completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. Prior to joining Rimkus, he received training and internships in Dubai, UAE, as a structural engineer.

Mr. Bayakli is able to offer quality customer service in both French and English.

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Sourya Vongmanisak, P.Eng.

Principal Building Science Consultant

Sourya Vongmanisak holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in construction engineering from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal. Throughout his career, he has acquired extensive building science experience related to retrofit, rehabilitation, and assessment/evaluation/testing projects. He has specific expertise in building envelope assessment/evaluation and has completed more than 200 of these projects in Canada over the past nine years.

He has experience in a wide variety of projects for numerous national clients including financial and governmental institutions, commercial entities, and real estate management agencies. Mr. Vongmanisak has significant site experience and can provide specialized site services. Additionally, he can provide skylight review and design support for re-roofing projects. Through his experience dealing with different clients, contractors, and trades, he has developed a strong understanding of the importance of building and maintaining quality relationships between all parties as well as the value of clear, concise, and effective communication.

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Our Montreal Office:

Located in the bustling city of Montreal, Quebec, our office serves as a strategic base for delivering architecture, engineering, and construction services throughout the province. With its vibrant architectural scene and thriving construction industry, Montreal offers a dynamic environment for our team to collaborate with clients and partners.

As Rimkus continues to expand and grow, we invite you to explore the comprehensive range of building services we offer across North America. Stay tuned for further updates as we work diligently to enhance our offerings for the Quebec market.


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