Carbon Footprint Reduction

September 7, 2023

Carbon Footprint Reduction

To meet climate targets, building owners and operators will need to upgrade, retrofit, and ultimately decarbonize their properties.

Decreasing energy use in our homes and buildings can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase occupant comfort. In addition to helping achieve global climate goals, proactive attention to maintaining and updating a building’s components can help to avoid unexpected failures, downtime, and costs.

What is a Net-Zero Energy Building?

A net-zero building is an energy-efficient structure that either produces on-site or procures non-emitting renewable energy or high-quality carbon offsets to counterbalance the annual carbon emissions from its materials and operations.

The Road to Decarbonization

Rimkus can assist with the plans needed for deep carbon retrofits of your properties. Our experts will guide you through the process of updating your building systems to minimize GHG emissions. This may involve:

  • Upgrading elements of façades and enclosures in the course of scheduled maintenance and capital improvement programs
  • Implementing measures to reduce building energy demand
  • Replacing or modifying mechanical systems in the course of scheduled maintenance and capital improvement programs
  • Modifying or installing on-site renewable energy systems
  • Amending operations plans to incorporate innovative best practices
Carbon Reduction Measures

Our teams spanning the United States and Canada are composed of architects, engineers, and sustainability specialists who can help improve the energy efficiency of your buildings.

Contact us now to take steps toward a more sustainable property and do your part to help reach global climate goals.

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