Building Complex Damage Assessment

May 19, 2022


Thirty million gallons of water from a break in the city water main flooded the mechanical room that served as primary source of cooling water for eight major high rise buildings which included three office buildings. The water line was mostly below grade near the office and storage areas which required immediate material and moisture extraction.

Services Provided

Rimkus was retained to assist the property manager to restore operations after the catastrophic flooding event as well as to identify the scope of damage. Services encompassed the following.

  • Provided 24-hour support during the initial days of project.
  • Addressed temporary power requirements and established site security.
  • Conducted initial damage assessments and identified professional services required during the initial hours of the flooding event.
  • Analyzed electrical and mechanical systems to determine the requirements for reuse or replacement.
  • Scheduled pumps and other equipment to meet drying requirements.
  • Established proper moisture remediation and monitoring protocols.
  • Conducted air quality studies throughout the building complex to ensure the adequacy of moisture remediation plans.
  • Identified latent moisture sources and resolved resultant damage claims as part of the post water intrusion assessment.
  • Assist in preventive measure assessment
  • Assisted as Clerk of the Works for remedial repairs to the facility
  • Developed a recovery schedule with target dates for reopening.
  • Provided primary support for identifying long lead repair issues.
  • Completed clean-up efforts early and identified actual remedial repair cost.
  • Reviewed work completed and invoices submitted to ensure fees charged were fair and reasonable.

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