Construction Cost Overrun and Schedule Delay at Major Hotel and Convention Center Complex

May 19, 2022


The failure of a structural steel threaded rod tension member reportedly caused damage to a 2.5 million-square-foot hotel and convention center construction project, resulting in construction cost overruns and schedule delays. The threaded rods were utilized as tension members of the bowstring arch trusses spanning 218.5 feet to support the 87,000-square-foot glass atrium roof and wall structures.

Services Provided

Rimkus was retained to determine the extent of damage to the structure, construction cost overruns, and construction schedule delays associated with the failure. The team performed the following services and analyses:

  • Conducted on-site inspection of the structure
  • Analyzed the reported deficiencies of the structural steel threaded rod tension members
  • Reviewed and analyzed the proposed truss repairs
  • Classified the building component repairs for the threaded rod components
  • Defined the extent of the damage to the structure
  • Evaluated the reported construction delays prior to the reported failure of the tension rod component
  • Analyzed the reported project delays subsequent to the reported tension rod failure and truss rod repair activities
  • Assessed the construction cost overruns reportedly associated with the construction schedule delays

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