Crane Assembly Accident Investigation

May 19, 2022


During the assembly of a bulk unloading port crane, the crane boom section was dropped by assisting cranes lifting it into position, causing substantial damage to the crane and crane cab. The initial crane design firm performed the re-engineering and procurement of key components such as the boogies (truck wheel assemblies which support the crane on the dock crane rails).

Services Provided

Rimkus was retained to evaluate the cause of the accident and provide estimated costs associated with the repairs required. The repair costs involved monitoring engineering, procurement, and the reconstruction of the boom and other components damaged during the accident. We performed the following analysis.

  • Conducted on-site cause and origin investigation of the accident.
  • Evaluated construction practices.
  • Identified damaged components of the bulk handling port crane.
  • Reviewed proposed repair methods and estimated costs for the repairs.
  • Developed reasonable scope of repairs and estimated cost of repairs to identified damages.
  • Monitored monthly repair cost for the 24 month repairs process

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