Consulting Expert Update, August 2021

August 18, 2021

For more than 35 years, Rimkus Consulting Group has assisted clients in the legal and insurance industries in resolving a wide range of claims and disputes.

In order to meet today’s complex challenges, we provide more than 750 professional engineers, scientists, and consulting experts who offer real-world expertise that spans a broad spectrum of public and private environments.

Today we’re highlighting a few consultants from offices across our company. Read below to learn about the forensic consulting services these experts provide to Rimkus clients both locally and around the world.

Bradley P. Miller, P.E.
Property Practice Leader
Little Rock, AR

Brad P. Miller is a professional engineer with more than 14 years of industry experience involving the design, analysis, and investigation of buildings and materials. He performs origin and cause investigations regarding structural damage and has specialized experience in the structural evaluation of grain storage and grain distribution systems. He is also responsible for code compliance evaluations as they pertain to slips/trips/falls. Additionally, Mr. Miller is a Certified Aquatic Facility Operator with expertise regarding swimming pool operations, water chemistry, disinfection, and mechanical systems. View his full profile to learn more.

Joshua M. Marrow, P.E.
AEC Assessment Services Practice Leader
Eureka, CA

Joshua Marrow is a licensed professional engineer who specializes in seismic risk assessment and structural design for new and existing buildings of all asset types and classes. His experience includes seismic risk assessments, seismic retrofit, structural forensic evaluation, adaptive reuse planning, structural rehabilitation, historic building consulting, and litigation support. He provides seismic risk policy advisory services for institutional investors, commercial lenders, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and is the technical chair of the ASTM E2026/E2557 Task Group on Seismic Risk Assessment standard for commercial real estate due diligence. View his full profile to learn more.

William K. Petersen, P.E.
Principal Consultant
Philadelphia, PA

William Petersen is a registered professional engineer who investigates and evaluates failures in geotechnical and structural engineering disciplines related to residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal construction projects and properties. He has more than 30 years of experience including geotechnical/geostructural analyses, design, and construction services for projects spanning multiple industries. Visit his full profile to learn more about his background, which includes leadership of the geotechnical efforts for several large highway and railroad reconstruction projects.

Mark S. Hook, P.E., ACTAR, CFI
Principal Consultant
Atlanta, GA

Mark Hook is a vehicle accident reconstructionist and professional engineer who holds multiple certifications for the investigation of fires and explosions. His professional experience includes forensic investigations of vehicle accidents and the determination of the causes of vehicular mechanical failures. He has reconstructed a variety of daytime and nighttime accidents involving commercial tractor/trailers, high-speed fatality collisions, car-motorcycle collisions, and vehicle rollovers. Visit his full profile to learn more about his capabilities, including his responsibilities as a Rimkus Rapid Response Team member.

Aaron J. Trenshaw
, P.E., CXLT
Senior Consultant
St. Louis, MO

Aaron Trenshaw is a professional engineer registered in nine states. He has more than nine years of industry experience in forensic engineering, procurement, structural design and evaluation, construction, scheduling, and cost estimating. He is responsible for investigating the origin and cause of damage to residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as the evaluations of facilities for accessibility, safe walking surfaces, and code compliance. View his full profile to learn more about his background and professional capabilities.

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