Digital Intelligence Services

August 15, 2023



Digital Intelligence Services

The specialized experts at Rimkus and Unique Wire partner to help clients understand complex technical issues by extracting and analyzing critical information from digital devices, networks, and data sources. We employ cutting-edge tools and methodologies to uncover and interpret digital evidence for legal, investigative, or security purposes, and can assist in cases related to data breaches, intellectual property theft, fraud, and other digital misuses.

Rimkus digital intelligence forensic services involve the systematic collection and interpretation of data from devices to reconstruct events, trace activities, and determine the geolocation of individuals or objects, assisting in investigations, legal cases, and security measures. These services encompass techniques for data recovery, pattern recognition, and geospatial analysis to provide insights into digital interactions.

Supported by the deep bench of experts on the global Rimkus team, we provide a comprehensive approach to digital forensics that spans multiple industries and includes the capabilities of former military, government intelligence, and law enforcement members who perform data extraction and analysis, audio and video discovery, and much more. Our digital intelligence forensic services play a crucial role in helping clients preserve digital evidence, understand the scope of incidents, and facilitate informed decision-making to protect against future threats.

The Digital Intelligence consultants at Rimkus and Unique Wire provide a full suite of services applicable for civil matters, corporations, and legal defense.


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Peter Townsend, P.E.
Senior Vice President, Technical Services
(678) 214-3470

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