Adam Macsata, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Built Environment Solutions



Mr. Adam Macsata joined the code consulting group at Commercial Construction Consulting, LLC, A Rimkus Company (C3) in August 2018. His expertise covers a wide range of codes and standards for fire protection, building and life safety, and ADA/accessibility. Mr. Macsata works closely with our clients to provide timely and cost-effective code consulting services, which help with the facilitation of the building design and construction process. He reviews plans and drawings in addition to performing site visits to determine compliance with applicable codes and standards. When strict compliance with the code is not possible, he works with our clients to develop robust performance-based compliance alternatives. Mr. Macsata has performed code consulting and fire protection engineering services in the residential, commercial, industrial, education, and transportation sectors.

Prior to joining C3, Mr. Macsata worked for 2 years at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the Volpe Center, he performed fire protection engineering, code compliance, and project management work for various agencies within the Federal Department of Transportation. He solved complex engineering challenges in unique environments including developing means of egress and fire protection solutions in secure facilities, highly sensitive telecommunications facilities, and single-exit Airport Traffic Control Towers.


Chemical Engineering, B.S.: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

• Licensed Professional Engineer: California #2121