Christian A. Ochoa, P.E.

Senior Consultant

Forensic Services



Mr. Christian Ochoa holds a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering and a M.Eng. degree in Structural Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Illinois. His experience is in the inspection of concrete cement, risk assessment of steel access platforms and tanks, creating databases, organizing spreadsheets, preparing architectural drawings, performing structural analysis for wood and steel members, and is proficient in the use of design software AutoCAD and REVIT.

Mr. Ochoa has performed structural analyses of materials including steel, wood, and reinforced and pre-stressed concrete on bridges, residential, and industrial-style structures. These analyses included the following. He has a background in modeling complex structures using SAP2000 and ABAQUS as well as running structural simulations to evaluate the capability of the modeled structure.

Mr. Ochoa has simulated blast studies of various structures, including reinforced concrete high-rises, in an attempt to rank and quantify the structure’s inherent resistance to a fictional domestic terrorist act. Mr. Ochoa has also modeled and designed the structural aspects, per the applicable codes, of a multilane bridge based in Chicago, IL. He also has a background on HVAC design, fire protection, plumbing design, lighting and acoustics analysis, thermodynamics, and fluid motion.

As a forensic engineer, Mr. Ochoa is responsible for investigating and evaluating structural and other failure conditions in commercial and residential structures and properties including foundation settlement, partial collapse of roof and wall systems, vibration damage, roofing installation and storm damage evaluations, moisture intrusion/water damage, and general construction defect determinations.


• Architectural Engineering, B.S.: Illinois Institute of Technology (2015)

• Structural Engineering, M.Eng.: Illinois Institute of Technology (2018)

• Registered Professional Engineer: Illinois

• Licensed Drone Pilot (2018-2023)

• Steep Roof Climbing Workshop (Houston, TX, 2018)

• Level I Thermography Certification (2018).

• Concrete Field-Testing Technician, Grade 1: American Concrete Institute