Cody J. Schulting

Associate Consultant / E.I.T. / Milwaukee


Mr. Schulting holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. His experience is in the inspection of concrete cement, in-service fracture critical and routine bridge inspections throughout the United States, in-service inspections of sign and ancillary structures throughout the Midwest, and construction oversight for multiple WisDOT construction projects.

Mr. Schulting has performed structural analyses of materials including steel, wood, and reinforced and pre-stressed concrete on bridges, residential- and industrial-style structures. He has a background in modeling complex structures using SAP2000 as well as running structural simulations to evaluate the capability of the modeled structure.

As a forensic investigator, Mr. Schulting is responsible for investigating and evaluating structural and other failure conditions in commercial and residential structures and properties including the analysis of architectural, civil, and structural design- and construction-related problems.

Education and Background

• Civil Engineering, B.S.: University of Wisconsin
• Engineer in Training: Wisconsin
• Rope Access Technician Level 1, SPRAT
• Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI), American Welding Society
• Portland Concrete Cement Technician Level 1 (PCCTEC-1), Highway Technician Certification Program
• Transportation Materials Sampling Technician (TMS), Highway Technician Certification Program