Dadi Soemantri

Principal Consultant / Dr.E., P.E., S.E. / Oklahoma City


Mr. Soemantri studied Civil Engineering with a co-emphasis in Geotechnics at University of Kentucky, obtaining a B.S. degree. For his master’s degree, he obtained in Civil-Structure Engineering with a seismic engineering emphasis from the University of California at Berkeley. His interest in the energy industry led him to do some graduate study, and he achieved his Doctorate from Texas A&M University with an emphasis in offshore structure and project management.

His engineering and field construction experience in the oil and gas industry includes offshore platforms with pile foundations, chemical processing units, refineries, control buildings, tanks, onshore shale oil/gas production units, piping, and pipeline.

In the utility industry, he has designed and built various equipment modules and structures for natural gas turbine (GE, Siemens, and Mitsubishi) plants throughout the world, under various local and international codes. During his tenure with a utility company, he managed the structural works for coal power plants, gas power plants, solar farm, and wind farm projects.

In the oil and gas industry, he is currently serving as the chairman of the 12-P fiberglass tank standard for the American Petroleum Industry (API) since 2013. During his tenure with oil and gas companies, he managed civil and structural works for onshore and offshore facilities.

He has experience with seismic structural analysis/design, repair, and retrofit work. His experience in California included building various structures ranging from buildings, bridges, and a subway tunnel.

Mr. Soemantri has extensive civil structural engineering experience including structural finite element design of steel/concrete, foundation design, fabrication, land/sea transportation, lifting/rigging, and field construction including turn-around and outage projects. His experience also includes several Root-Cause analysis works on incidents at oil and gas facilities and power plants.

Education and Certifications

• Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science: University of Kentucky
• Civil Engineering, Master of Science: University of California at Berkeley
• Civil / Offshore Engineering, Doctor of Engineering: Texas A&M University at College Station