Daniel P. Barton

Eastern Region Geotechnical Division Manager / P.E. / Tampa


Mr. Barton holds a B.S. degree  in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structural/geotechnical design and analysis. He is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Mr. Barton’s professional experience includes property investigations on residential and commercial/industrial structures including building subsidence assessments, roof damage assessments, moisture intrusion, flooring damage assessments (tile, wood, etc.), pool failures, and storm related damage.  His professional skills also includes geotechnical investigations of residential, municipal, and commercial environments, and structural analysis. Mr. Barton’s experience in geotechnical testing has particularly focused on the identification of karst activity and the relationship of damage to structures underlain by karst. He is knowledgeable in the design of soil improvement programs including karst remediation, such as compaction grouting and chemical grouting, as well as foundation support including helical pins, pin pile design, and structural reinforcement.  

Education and Certificaitons

  • Civil Engineering, B.S.: The University of South Florida
  • Registered Professional Engineer: Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas