Daniel P. Barton, P.E.

District Manager

Forensic Services



Mr. Daniel Barton holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, with an emphasis on structural/geotechnical design and analysis. He is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Mr. Barton’s professional experience includes property investigations on residential and commercial/industrial structures, including building subsidence assessments, roof damage assessments, moisture intrusion, flooring damage assessments (tile, wood, etc.), pool failures, plumbing system failures and repairs, storm-related damage, geotechnical investigations, and soil and foundation stabilization utilizing grout injection and underpin installation.

Mr. Barton has prepared calculations for structural and geotechnical analysis and design, prepared construction plans, technical specifications and bid documents, inspected shop fabrication, and the field construction of structural concrete and steel components. He has performed structural assessments of distressed and damaged buildings, evaluated and analyzed building failures, evaluated and analyzed plumbing failures and associated repair scopes, provided consultations and assessments of walking surfaces and stairs, and provided consultations to attorneys and contractors. His structural analysis includes the use of static and dynamic analysis programs to perform finite element analysis of structural failures. Mr. Barton has also provided engineering consultations, deposition testimony, and trial testimony.

Mr. Barton has also performed analysis of the effects of dewatering on surrounding structures and the effects of vibrations on nearby structures. This analysis has included the use of seismographs to monitor ongoing construction vibration activity.


• Civil Engineering, B.S.: The University of South Florida (1998)

• Licensed Professional Engineer: Florida (60002), Tennessee (114771), Texas (124268), Massachusetts (52845), Connecticut (0031864), and Rhode Island (0011949)

• Tile Roofing Institute Florida High Wind Installer Certification

• IICRC Water Damage Restoration Certification (70028322)