Darren A. Strauss, ACTAR


Forensic Services

Oklahoma City


Mr. Darren Strauss is a certified advanced law enforcement officer and vehicle collision investigator, a fully Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist with the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR), and a Certified Crime Scene Analyst with the International Association for Identification. He has over 17 years of experience and over 1,000 hours of technical training in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction.

He has worked in law enforcement since 1998 where his duties consisted of patrol, criminal investigation, and accident investigation and reconstruction. He has been involved in the investigation of over 500 traffic collisions during his career, ranging from minor property damage to pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, multiple vehicle, and fatality collisions. Mr. Strauss has experience in lamp analysis, low-speed and high-speed collisions, daytime and nighttime visibility issues, and forensic mapping of collision sites including the preparation of demonstrative diagrams. He is trained in the process of downloading, analyzing, and preserving data from passenger vehicle data recorders.

Mr. Strauss is certified by the State of Oklahoma as a police instructor and has taught police officers in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction as well as crime scene evidence collection. He is a field training officer who trains new officers on law enforcement duties while on patrol. Mr. Strauss has given trial testimony in criminal cases.


• Police Science, A.A.S.: Oklahoma State University (2010)

• Certified Advanced Law Enforcement Officer: Oklahoma CLEET #98480 (2013-present)

• Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist: ACTAR #3091 (2016-present)

• Certified Crime Scene Analyst: International Association for Identification #CA12663 (2017-present)

• Certified Oklahoma CLEET Basic Instructor: Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (2007)