David A. Dionisi, NAFI-CFEI

Fire Consultant

Forensic Services

Las Vegas


Mr. David Dionisi is a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator. He currently holds licensees in several states such as Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Mr. Dionisi has conducted fire investigations and SIU investigations in areas such as Hawaii, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Dionisi has served as a volunteer firefighter starting at 18 years of age in Pennsylvania and New Mexico. He started his professional public safety career as an Emergency Medical Technician in 1987 before becoming a firefighter/EMT with the Bernalillo County Fire Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1993, Mr. Dionisi was promoted into the Bernalillo County F.D. Fire Prevention Bureau as a Fire Inspector/Investigator. He performed fire code inspections enforcing the Uniform Fire Code and became a Certified Fire Inspector.

As the senior/lead Investigator, Mr. Dionisi has Investigated more than 2,000 fires involving fire and explosion causation in residential, industrial, and commercial structures; vehicles; and wildland fires.

As a forensic investigator, his areas of expertise include management of all fire/arson aspects of the Bernalillo County Fire Department including supervising the six other investigators for fire origin and cause. He created and implemented a Special Commission Certification Program with cooperation from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department. He also performed the duties of the Evidence Custodian for the Bernalillo County Fire Department and implemented the change from a paper evidence inventory log to a computerized evidence management system.


• Certified Uniform Code Fire Inspector: International Fire Code Institute (1997)

• Certified Instructor: New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy (1994)

• Certified Field (FI) Investigator: Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department (2001)

• Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator: National Association of Fire Investigators (2004)

• Licensed Private Investigator: Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Utah

• Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute: Emergency Medical Technician (1989); Principles of Management (1992); Building Construction and Intro to Sociology (1992); Fire Investigations (1993); Occupational Safety & Health (1993)

• Bernalillo County Fire Department: Hazardous Materials (1991); Field Investigator Couse (2001)

• IAAI Training: Advanced Arson Investigations, New Mexico Chapter (1994, 1995, 1996); Fire Investigation Techniques, Portland, Oregon (1998); Basic Fire Investigation, New Mexico Chapter (1999); Fire Investigation Techniques, Las Vegas (2001); Electrical Fire Investigation/Subrogation/Explosive Recognition, NM chapter (2008); Public & Private Fire Investigations Compare & Contrast, Las Vegas (2016); Fatal Fire Investigations, Las Vegas (2016); Thermodynamics and Thermometry, Las Vegas (2016); Expert Courtroom Testimony, Crofton, MD (2017); Fire Protection for Commercial Cooking Operations, Las Vegas (2018); Fuel Gas Systems, Las Vegas (2022)

• L&M Technologies: Arson Investigation (2001); Interview & Interrogation (2001)

• National Emergency Training Center: Radiological Emergency Management HS-3 (1992); Radiological Emergency Management IS-3 (1993)

• National Fire Academy: Courtroom Preparation & testimony (2002); Fire/Arson Investigation (2003)

• NM Auto Theft Investigators Association: Advanced Auto Theft (2000)

• New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy: Firefighter I (1991); Firefighter II (1992); Instructor I (1994); Fire Investigator I (1995); Fireworks Enforcement Inspector (1995); Basic Fire Officer(1996); Leadership I (1997); Leadership II (1997); Leadership III (1997); Firefighter I (IFSAC) (2002)

• Public Agency Training Council: Hands on Bomb & Explosives (2001)

• Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates: Reid Method of Criminal Interviews & Interrogations (2001)

• Memberships: National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI), International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), Nevada Chapter IAAI