Digvijay (VJ) S. Tanwar

Director, Visual Media and Technology

Forensic Services



Mr. VJ Tanwar has extensive industry experience in forensic visualization, forensic video enhancement and analysis, retail virtual reality, and video production.

His experience and industry knowledge cover over 18 years in areas of computer graphics, animation, video, and virtual reality application. With over 13 years of creating animations and working with videos and graphics for litigation, Mr. Tanwar has a deep and thorough understanding of all phases of animation delivery and operational lifecycle. He has created hundreds of forensic animations and visualizations of events including heavy trucks, trains, motor vehicles, line of sight, UTV and ATV accidents, and earth-moving equipment among others. He has enhanced and analyzed security videos for insurance claims, court cases, big box stores, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, and supermarkets.

Mr. Tanwar’s areas of expertise include enhancing video and creating animations and graphics using state-of-the-art computer software. He works closely with engineers and uses their scientific data and findings to generate compelling, accurate, and easy-to-understand graphics and animations to support courtroom and deposition testimony. He has experience in deposition and courtroom testimony.


• Remote Pilot: LsUAS Rating, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (2023)

• Forensic Video Technician: LEVA (2022)

• Computer Animation, B.A.: Collins College (2005)

• Computer Animation, A.A.: Collins College (2002)

• Political Science & Public Administration, B.A.: Panjab University (2001)

• Autodesk Maya Certified Professional (2013)

• Memberships: Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association International, Inc; ACM SIGGRAPH