DeShaune Williams

Vice President, Business Development, Built Environment Solutions


Mr. DeShaune Williams leverages his experience in the insurance industry, along with his degree in economics from the University of California, Riverside, and MBA from Pepperdine University, to foster successful client relationships. As Vice President, Business Development, for the Built Environment Solutions group, Mr. Williams leads a team with an astute focus on the built environment and a deliberate commitment to enhancing asset longevity to contribute to the expansion of Rimkus services.

Mr. Williams is a seasoned professional with a profound understanding of economic and business principles that provide him with a unique lens through which to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of strategic business development. With a remarkable track record of selling to a wide range of industries, Mr. Williams has often surpassed sales targets with an innate ability to formulate and execute winning strategies. His approach extends beyond traditional metrics, placing a paramount focus on client satisfaction, forging enduring connections, and promoting sustainable growth.

Central to Mr. Williams’ accomplishments is his commitment to leadership that inspires greatness and autonomy. His ability to nurture a collaborative and innovative environment has led to the development of high-performance teams that consistently exceed expectations.