Glen J. Pettibone

Principal Consultant / P.E., ACTAR / San Francisco/Concord


Mr. Pettibone has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an A.S. degree in Vacuum Technology. He is a certified Traffic Accident Reconstructionist and a registered professional engineer with more than 29 years of diversified experience in the aluminum, automotive, refractories, semiconductor, and forensic consulting industries. 

Mr. Pettibone specializes in reconstructing industrial equipment failures, consumer product failures, and motor vehicle accidents and motor vehicle failures, wastewater treatment plant failures, agricultural equipment failures, industrial food processing equipment failures, and damages to property arising from mechanical failures. He has managed the reconstruction of equipment. 

Mr. Pettibone is adept at breaking down the newest of situations and most esoteric of industrial and mechanical applications into straightforward concepts that can be analyzed to determine the cause and origin of an accident, injury, fire, etc. He is experienced at designing repairs. He has applied thermography to buildings and mechanical performance. He has reconstructed accidents involving light-duty vehicles such as golf carts, personnel carriers, and personal scooters and tested these vehicles. He has evaluated: accidents involving oceangoing ships; elevator failures; failures in fire sprinkler/fire suppression systems and commercial kitchen equipment. He is experienced with gas and electric-powered equipment and automation.

Prior to consulting, he gained extensive experience in multiple industries: the aluminum industry (especially with aluminum can production); the automotive industry (became experienced with the automated mass production of cars and trucks); the refractories industry (especially with refractory bricks, castables, high-temperatures furnaces, and data acquisition); and the semiconductor industry (specializing in facilities and cleanrooms for CVD, ALD wafer fab facilities, and related safety programs).

Education and Certifications

• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: University of California at Santa Barbara 
• Vacuum Technology, A.S.: Las Positas College 
• Professional Mechanical Engineer: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
• Traffic Accident Reconstructionist: ACTAR Accreditation #1823
• Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System Operator: Collision Safety Institute
• Level 1 Thermographer: Infrared Training Center (FLIR Systems)
• Certified Forklift and Aerial Lift Operator: Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
• Certified Installer, Clear CPVC and Clear CPVC Double Containment: Ryan Herco