Graham N. Klein


Forensic Services



Mr. Graham Klein holds a B.S. degree in Construction Management and is an AACEi Certified Scheduling Technician. Mr. Klein has over 6 years of experience in project controls, delay analysis, project management, inspections, project oversight, contemporaneous project schedule updates and forecasting, 4D modeling, constructability reviews, and what-if analyses. He has experience in multiple industries with various types of delay claims and provides thorough and concise summaries of findings and analyses of claims for clients.

Mr. Klein’s areas of expertise include forensic delay analysis of construction claims using various industry-standard critical path methods to quantify delay and determine causation, and analyzing construction claims for cost overruns, defects, and delay and disruption for insurance carriers, owners, architects, contractors, and subcontractors. He has developed technical analyses involving delays due to non-default-related matters, calculation of extended general condition costs, and project acceleration and impacts. He has extensive experience in organization and presentation of findings in the form of simplified schedules, graphical representations, event sequencing, multi-functioning spreadsheets for client use in requests for equitable adjustments, insurance claims, discussions, negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. Mr. Klein has performed over 50 forensic delay analyses, including Contemporaneous Windows Analysis, Halfstep Analysis, Time Impact Analysis, As-Planned vs. As-Built, What-if Analysis, as well as many other variations to support the project needs. He specializes in matters involving Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI), Delay in Start-Up, Builders Risk, dispute resolution, construction oversight, and construction defects.


• Construction Management, B.S.: University of Cincinnati

• AACE International: Member