Gregory J. Quinn

Director, Meteorology Practice

Forensic Services



Mr. Gregory Quinn holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences with an emphasis on Hydrometeorology and an M.S. in Atmospheric Physics with an emphasis on Climatology.

Mr. Quinn has extensive experience in weather forecasting. He has been employed as an on-site weather consultant for professional and amateur golf tournaments at various locations within the U.S. and abroad.

His post-graduate studies included the collection and analysis of historic weather data. Mr. Quinn has also worked as a teaching assistant for college-level weather forecasting classes. As an experienced public speaker, he has participated in countless taped and live interviews for local, national, and cable television and several lightning safety specials produced by The Weather Channel and PGA Tour Productions.

In addition to his forensic consulting work, Mr. Quinn is employed as a sales representative and research and installation consultant for lightning prediction systems for recreation facilities, government research and test facilities, and mining operations. Mr. Quinn has collected and analyzed data for clients involved in weather-related lawsuits and has experience in federal trial proceedings.


• Atmospheric Sciences, B.S.: University of Arizona (1995)

• Atmospheric Physics (Emphasis in Climatology), M.S.: University of Arizona (1998)