Hamidreza Pirayesh, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Forensic Services

San Diego


Dr. Hamidreza Pirayesh earned a B.S. in Industrial Metallurgy from University of Tehran, Iran, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Pirayesh consults from a materials engineering perspective, having extensive experience with materials characterization and engineering investigations. His focus is generally on the property/structure relationships of glass, ceramics, glass-ceramics, metallurgy, biomaterials, and semiconductors. Dr. Pirayesh also has extensive experience with the analysis and characterization of mechanical properties and surface analysis.

Dr. Pirayesh’s material characterization experience began with improving the strength of lead-free solder alloys for electronic applications during his undergraduate program at the University of Tehran in Iran. He continued his work evaluating bioglasses and semiconductors during his graduate work at the University of Alberta in Canada. His initial professional experience was working with various materials, such as magnesium-based alloys, for the oil and gas service industry, semiconductors for the medical industry, and glass/ceramics for the display technology industry. His time in these industries helped him to gain a deeper understanding of methods of materials characterization and production. Dr. Pirayesh has also more than 4 years of experience in failure analysis of glass and glass-ceramics used in the consumable electronics industry. Dr. Pirayesh has published more than 10 publications, book chapters, and patents in materials science fields such as solder alloys, bioactive glass/glass-ceramics, semiconductors, glasses, and ceramics.


• Industrial Metallurgy, B.S.: University of Tehran, Iran (2008)

• Materials Science and Engineering, M.S.: University of Alberta, Canada (2010)

• Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D.: University of Alberta, Canada (2014)