Jacob Marshall


Forensic Services



Mr. Jacob Marshall earned a B.S. in both Mechanical Engineering and Motorsports Engineering from Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI), with a minor in Mathematics. Before joining Rimkus, Mr. Marshall worked in the motorsports industry.

While within the motorsports industry, Mr. Marshall spent extensive amounts of time operating an engine dynamometer in order to test and optimize engines and induction systems he had either restored, rebuilt, modified, or created for customers. Mr. Marshall also utilized his knowledge of vehicle dynamics and data analysis while working at the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) in order to enforce and validate their rules. Additionally, this time with the NHRA provided years of technical inspection experience and accountability.

Outside of his professional automotive experience, Mr. Marshall is an avid vehicle enthusiast and spends his free time restoring, modifying, and racing a wide variety of vehicles such as: sportscars, musclecars, hotrods, trucks, motorcycles, offroad vehicles, and dedicated racecars that span from ultra-modern vehicles to those over 60 years old.

Mr. Marshall’s professional practice is focused on vehicle accident reconstruction, collision investigation (passenger car, motorcycle, heavy trucks), commercial vehicle inspections, event data recorder (EDR) imaging and retrieval, seatbelt analysis, brake system examination, 3D scanning, hand measurements, acceleration and braking analysis, and vehicle dynamics evaluation. Mr. Marshall also evaluates mechanical systems including brakes, steering, engine, transmission, etc.


• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI (2017)

• Motorsports Engineering, B.S.: Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI (2017)

• Certified Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Technician